The project IGTrain celebrates the final conference tomorrow  


The IGTrain project, in which Partenalia is partner, will celebrate tomorrow, 22nd September, the final meeting in Brussels (Belgium). The partners of the project are already in Brussels, in the headquarters of Partenalia, discussing about the last months of the project. 

You can follow all the last news of this conference in the event created on Facebook:

The project

The IGTrain project is a Grundtvig Multilateral project funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Lifelong learning project. Partenalia is the partner responsible for the communication and dissemination strategies to promote the project results and find best practices to be tested and implemented within their member’s territories.

The association is being in charge of the dissemination plan, Partenalia is the Belgian partner of the IGTrain consortium, and that means that it is also responsible for the project implementation in Belgium, through the Train the Trainer course.

The objective of the project is to improve the employability and the position on the labour market of older people (50+), by including them in the life-long-learning process and providing them with skills for on-the-job, intergenerational transfer of knowledge, complementary to their primary professional skills.

Find all the information of the project in the following link: