The Second Demography Report has been published

During the second European Demography Forum on 24-25 November in Brussels, the European Commission presented the Second Demography Report. The Report is published every two years by the European Commission and provides the latest facts and figures that are needed to assess where Member States stand in responding to the challenges of demographic change. The 2008 report focuses on the ageing society and changing family and household patterns in the EU.

It highlights the need to act in 5 areas:

1. better support to families;
2. promoting employment;
3. reforms to raise productivity and economic performance;
4. immigration and integration of migrants;
5. sustainable public finances.

The Forum has been devoted to how EU countries can learn from one another to create better societies for families and older people. It brought together policy makers and actors in the field, notably in workshops that reviewed examples of good practice in these two areas.

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