The Train of Coeducation

The Train of Coeducation is a project initiated by the Department of Equality Policies of the City of Tarragona. The project promotes equal opportunities among children in the city. We believe that intervening in the early years of the lives of these children and their respective socializing agents, we will increase the likelihood and more egalitarian attitudes and practices in various areas of life and way of relating, such as health, sports, the use of time, participation, employment, etc.

The consequence of gender stereotypes in education and training have an important impact on the girls and mostly leads to think low expectations of success or low confidence and self esteem.

This makes difficult the assumption of a real responsibility between men and womenand affect access, promotion and projection work and professional support as well as psychological health. This is closely related to the inequalities that exist between men and women in the workplace.

The project aims: To educate boys and girls in equal offering them the tools and knowledge to be critical gender stereotypes and think about the influence of society and culture in the construction of the identity of individuals. Each person must be able to exercise their freedom to decide itself, further than what is expected of them in terms of sex, gender, culture, religion, etc.

Target audience: students and citizens through involvement and participation of the city as an educational city.

You can find more information in the sheet attached.

In case you were interested, please send your expressions of interest to:
Joan Martinez Manent