Towards a mid-term assessment of Europe 2020 from the standpoint of EU cities and regions

The Committee of the Regions invites you to take part in the final stage of the assessment of Europe 2020 strategy in view of its rethinking in the forthcoming new EU legislature.

The CoR will contribute to this rethinking with a Political Declaration on the Future of Europe 2020 as seen by EU cities and regions addressed to the European Council, to the new European Parliament to be elected in May 2014 and to the new European Commission which will start working in January 2015.

The intense monitoring and assessment activity carried out since December 2012 has led to the conclusion that Europe 2020 is not delivering up to its promises and is not providing local and regional authorities in the EU with the strong support they need to tackle the challenges of overcoming the recession and promote growth and jobs.

To support the CoR’s Mid-Term Assessment and Political Declaration on the Rethinking of Europe 2020, the Committee of the Regions invites you to encourage your Members to participate in an

Online Consultation in all EU languages
(open from 2 September to 11 November 2013)
All 12 short questions are multiple-choice.

Further comments can be added if needed (optional).

To answer the questions, which can be downloaded for preliminary examination, please click on:

The outcome of this poll will be annexed to the Mid-Term Assessment Report and to the Political Declaration to be published at the European Summit of EU Cities and Regions in March 2014.